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By popular demand, Chickie Haute the host of the RockPsychic Show will be available by phone!
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Chickie Haute, RockPsychic is a law abiding, honest member of the real life super hero community and ready to help you! 

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Enlightened Master Psychic (30 years of professional experience)
Spiritual Mentor
Life, Love & well-being coach
Enlightenment trainer
Energy worker / reader
Noetic healer
Animal communicator
Time shifter - reading of timelines
Chakra reader / healer
Psychic development mentor

Specializing in: Happiness, Health, Abundance, Love, Timelines, Intentions, Motives and Outcomes

Speciality Readings

Specialty Reading: Chakra Reading- Reading of all current emotions and what you are attracting into your life in the near future based on your current perception and emotions.

Speciality Reading: Timeline Reading- Your past timeline fractures as a child affect your current day. Learn what childhood issue is challenging you and how to shift your perception to cope.

Speciality Reading: 2018 Month by Month Forecast. Showing you what will manifest into your life and how to dodge the difficult times by using master of life awareness and perception adjustments.

Speciality Session: A Reading of Your Current Spiritual State-of-Being and Spiritual Coaching for Your Path to Enlightenment.

Speciality Session: Settle Your Karma with Dharma, Wisdom to Stop the Undesirable Patterns that Reoccur in Your Life that are Uncomfortable.

Special Request Session: “ROCK N’ RIO” Meet Rio a 2 year old Norwegian Forest Cat with a strong connection the spirit realm and trained to communicate via yes and no to your questions live on camera in private. Rio will also communicate with your pet by webcam. Translation provided by RockPsychic. Please request Rio before going to private.

Choose Your Type of Reading

★ TIME SHIFTING: Observation of Any Date or Time Frame within your Life using an Empathic Connection and Telepathy to see your Past, Present and Future 
★ MULTIVERSE TIME SHIFTING: Learn about your existence in the in a parallel dimension.
★ SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL CHAKRA READINGS & COMBINATIONS: Reading Your Energy and Those Around You for Compatibility or Healing Solutions
★ MEDICAL INTUITIVE: Dr of Metaphysics / Medical Intuitive / Embodied Cognition / Emotional Healing Guidance ☤ 
★ LIFE & WELL BEING COACHING: Psychological & Sub-consciousness Guidance/Counseling / Dream Interpretation / HAPPINESS / HEALTH / ABUNDANCE
★ LIFE PURPOSE / LIFE LESSONS / ENLIGHTENMENT: Past & Present Lessons Explained to You for Purpose of Your Personal Enlightenment. 
★ PAST LIFE OR CHILDHOOD REGRESSION: 1/2 Hour of Time & Quiet Time & Microphone Needed for Past Life or Childhood Regression (You See Your Own Repressed Childhood or Past Life while in a Trance!) 
★ Taught Self Hypnosis 
★ ANIMAL COMMUNICATION: Telepathy with your Pet / Animal. Please have them nearby on cam! 
° Adjustment to New Situations 
° Personal Finances 
° Career, Work & Business 
° Education
° Life Path / Purpose 
° Life Abundance & Happiness
° Understanding of Friends, Family and Lovers 
° Home 
° Manifestations 
° Advanced Psychological Knowledge
° Awareness / Breaking Patterns That Cause Unhappiness 
° Problem Solving 
° Emotional Healing 
° Cord Disconnections 
° Attachments 
° Removing Blocks and Negative Thinking
° Positive Affirmations 
° Inspiration and Empowerment 
° Personal Potential 
° Reasoning 
° Love Compatibility 
° Soul Mates / Twin-Flame / Triple Flame 
° Abandonment Issues
° Trust Issues
° View of Self 
° How others View You 
° Vibrational Neuropeptide Programming (VNP) Program Emotional Responses
° Faith & Belief Counseling 
° Explanation for Your Life and It's Patterns 
° Enlightenment and Life Mastery Training 
° Positivity Training 
° Law of Attraction, Karma, Dharma and Wise Paths
° Yin Energy Readings and Guidance for Productivity 
° Meditation
° Law of Attraction Energy
° Gemstone / Mineral Vibrational Energy
° Tarot or Oracle Cards
° Crystal Ball
° Pendulum
° Meditation
° Scrying Mirror
° Understanding Magic and Witchcraft
° Manifestations
° Understanding Demonic and Negative Spirits
° Bible Divination
° Understanding Mind Body Balance
° Understanding Blockages
° Perception Shifting
° Understanding Angels and Spirit Guide Assignment

About RockPsychic - Chickie Haute

✏ Professional / Seasoned Master Psychic-Intuitive, Mentor & Life / Well-Being Coach with 30+ Years Experience
✏ Radio & i-TV Producer Host 
✏ Reverend of Spiritual Humanism 
✏ Mentor / Teacher of Psychic Arts, Metaphysics and Non-Violent Communication
✏ Donate my time and money to animal rescue organizations and autistic children & adults. 
✏ Contribute to community and global charitable efforts, as an environmental activist and public speaker.
✏ Participant in the RLSH (real-life super hero) community. Assisting authorities with international child abductions and murder cases.


✏ NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness
✏ AIC - Association of International Consultants
✏ Coachville
✏ International Association of Professional Life Coaches
✏ Social Enterprise Alliance
✏ Foster Family-based Treatment Association and Foster Care Network
✏ Society for Human Resource Management
✏ North American Psychic & Paranormal Network
✏ Metaphysical Society of America
✏ The Masonic Philosophical Society

✪ United States City and Federal-Government Organizations / Police Departments / Military 
✪ Doctors, Television Producers, Celebrities, Musicians, Comedians, Actors & Actresses 
✪ Executive Officers of Fortune 500 Companies 
✪ Industry Professionals with Health, Medical, Well-Being and Psychological Issues 
✪ Provide Intervention and Guidance for Families and Love Relationships 
✪ Provide Office, Business, Career and Financial Guidance with more than 28 years of Business Professional / Executive / Human Resource and Business Incubator Experience to back my Knowledge. 


★ Thank you for the POSITIVE Feedback! ★ My Clients are Loved and Appreciated *

☺ I found the BEST to predict exact time!!!! Been searching through Oranum for a while and just found her. She is the right woman for the job to help!!! Amazing and gifted lady!. TY Rock! You rock!!! reena2323, NY 

☺ I have spoken to many reader's and spent many thousands of dollars like others, only to receive a different answer from most. Believe me when I say Chickie is by far, THE BEST AND MOST ACCURATE. She provided detailed info about now that nobody could know. I knew a few things coming and she hit on them without me asking a question. Talk to her no matter what she charges. She will save you hundreds of dollars with one call rather than talking to several others. GUARANTEED!!! InfinateUniverse, Michigan 

☺ I have been around the block with psychics and medical intuitives. This girl has it, she is fabulous. I cannot say enough about her being on target, medical intuitive reading was SO ON POINT. she gives so much information that is helpful but more than that she knows things. 10 min is not enough. buy enough credits to get enough time to get all your q's answered, I would give her 1000 stars if I could. babszolla, Minnesota 

☺ Amazing!!!!!!! This was my first time, and so I didn't purchase a lot, so I didn't get a long reading. But from the moment she started she was right on the mark! She is the REAL DEAL! There is no way she could of told me what she did in 3 min. if she wasn't! A True GIFT to the WORLD and a True Blessing to those that choose her. melisa2012, West Hills 

☺ Such a connection with animals :) It was quite something! Both of my rats were still when she was connecting with them, and usually they fidget so much. They definitely knew that Chicky was connecting with them. It's reassuring to know that Itz thinks I am his world, as I think he is mine. I'm sad that he's still mourning his brother, but glad that he has Loki to rely on now. And thank you for passing some messages to my Nan, she is forever in my thoughts. rattylovemuffin, UK

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Save more than 25% on RockPsychic's rate by purchasing a block of time

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